Kotthaus GbR
Talstrasse 11a
63768 Hoesbach
Telefon  +49-6021 - 444 03 84
Hotline +49 -157 - 794 59 288
E-Mail      bizenglish4u@aol.com  
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Kotthaus GbR offers professional English/German language training,
translations and business services related to the German and English
languages. We also provide a personalised flexible service for
private individuals and companies.

We offer ideal practical experience for short term implementation
of projects and tasks, in which the German and/or English language
might play a vital role.

Do you need a German translation, proof reading for a German text,
training for a German presentation or a job interview in German?


- International presentations
- Translations German / English, English / German
- Creation of presentations or documents for fairs/exhibitions
- Preparations for events such as congresses/meetings/
  project negotiations
- Support during negotiations, mergers and acquisitions

English Training